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  A satisfied customer from the USA:
  I have recieved my lure machine, and it is exactly what i wanted.

It can go slow and controlled for training puppies, or get out in front of grade A racing whippets.

I can set up and practice my dogs completely by myself finally- i am very impressed, and the customer service is great too.

Thanks Thilo!
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  Linda R. (USA):
  The machine works better than I expected. Everything seems to be going great with the machine.
I cannot tell you how happy I am with the Lure machine.
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  Barsaja E. is developed for:

- everybody

- breeders

- clubs

- falconer

The lightweight mobile lure coursing machine for freetime, training, contest or just for your dog.

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- lure coursing machine
Your dog loves running and hunting and you want him to have a lot of fun?

No problem, take your dog and our light-weight (15lbs) coursing machine Barsaja E. and go the next meadow.
The installation is absolutely simple, You are able to handle it all comfortable without another helper and with your dog at the leash.

First of all you look for a suitable place for the coursing machine, than you put it on the ground and open it.

With the fur lure in your hand you walk away from the coursing machine to lay out the course. The lure is fixed to a thin line which easily unreels from the reel inside the coursing machine Barsaja E.

For change of course stick a pulley in the ground and guide the line around. For a closed course starting and ending at the machine you need 3 pulleys at minimum. Doing it this way you can lay out a course of hundreds of yards in a few minutes.

With the remote control in your hand you start the run and release your dog from the leash. A top speed of more than 45mph is no problem for our coursing machine Barsaja E.

The energy for the engine gets our coursing machine out of its integrated battery. You need no additional car battery like these old-fashioned coursing machines you know and you can perform 10 runs each 550yards long before the battery is empty. This is possible because of the modern technical design of our Barsaja E.
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